About The Studio

Welcome to Gil Wayne's Digital Domain, a unique private studio between Houston and Galveston Texas.

The studio has gone through some changes, especially in equipment. All for the better, sporting Pro Tools V8 for file and session compatability between studios and Canare audio cable for pristine sound between all audio devices.

We are also using FL Studio v10 for those jammin beats you need, and IK Multimedia's T-Racks for mastering tracks. Adobe Audition is the preferred workstation software for wav file editing and Redbook CD production.

Here at Gil Wayn'e Digital Domain we specialize in achieving the best sound for your music project. Top of the line mic pre's and digital converters to be used with every project. Not to mention the mics in our mic closet.

Whether it be Rock, Country, Folk,
Rap/Hip Hop, Gospel, Radio Promos, Voice Overs, or Karaoke, we do it all.

Rates are resonable considering the excellent quality of the recordings that are coming out of our studio. We take the time to cater to our clients and deliver the best sound at the best price.

Now is the time to make your mark in the world of music and we can help you achieve your goals. When we help you with your production we also help ourselves, and that says a lot about our studio!

The Label

As we move ahead into the world of modern music we have started our own label. Helping those who haven't been heard and being a family to musicians and artists alike. When the time is right we will take great pride in announcing our label.

So at this time we will remain -
Gil Wayne's Digital Domain!

We will break new ground in advancing both our artists and the label. New innovations in digital distribution are emerging in the music industry and we will take advantage of the new ways.

Music as well as artist production and distribution are molding the shape of the music business not to mention the new talent recently emerging on the music scene.

With the downfall of the broken model of the old music industry, it has given rise to a level playing field where the old and new artista alike can deliver their music to the masses.

Thus we enter a new era of music production and distribution. Where the independent label and the artist work together to achieve their highest goals. Without each other they go unnoticed. As partners, the sky is the limit!

The Artists

  • The label must have a stable of artists and below are a sample of musicians who have signed to Gil Wayne's Digital Domain. We are proud to announce:
  • Reed DunnReed Dunn, whose modern folk sound has impressed those who have an interest in the same genre.
  • Kevin AceitunoKevin Aceituno, a new style Gospel Rapper with a sound all unto himself.
  • Christina Gamble, Gospel is also her style and she wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Jay Duane DriverJay Duane Driver, Led by the Lord to deliver his word via a new genre of music.
  • Krystal StarKrystal Star, with a passion for helping our troops abroad and as they return home.
  • They have taken the first step beyond local fame and you will be hearing more about them and others in the near future.